Extra 40% Off Clearance Markdowns @ Sears Canada

Extra 40% Off Clearance Markdowns @ Sears Canada

Here's a rare offer! Sears Canada has a sale on right now where you can get an extra 40% off clearance markdowns until January 15th. The additional discount will be applied at the check out process. I headed straight to the kids' section of course, where clothing starts at $2.96!

Here are some of the marked down clearance items that you may want to take a look at:

There are some coupon codes available for use at Sears.ca as well, but they cannot be stacked with this 40% discount offer. Here are the coupon codes available on regular priced and sale priced items (but not clearance items):

  • SAVE50 - $50 off $200
  • SAVE20 - $20 off $100

Get free shipping on orders over $100 at Sears.ca. You can also opt for free shipping to your local Sears store.


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  • dilbert1977

    shipping is actually free for orders over $50 not $100

    • bartmari

      it should also be noted that Sears has HORRIBLE customer service and typically during sales, will allow you to order AND pay went in fact it's out of stock. Refund process is also a nightmare as it takes them 6-8 weeks to receive your items, then you have to ensure they return your money. Stay away!

      • Maden L.

        Roots wallet is actually 39.99

        • CuteSavings

          with an extra 40% off when you add it to your cart. :)

          • Bargainmoose

            Additional 40% discount is added at the check out process. :)

          • KaylaS

            bartmari is completely correct and they do this all the time, on many sale or clearance items that may be out of stock. I could add to the horror stories I've dealt with recently with holiday shopping before and after Christmas and in the past. Clearance seasonal holiday items being the last thing I purchased. I ordered over the phone as their website wasn't reflecting a proper 75% discount (still showed full price)... it was glitching, as it often does. I hated having to do that as I missed out on using ebates and they have to charge me the full $400 then discount me the huge difference afterward for reasons unknown. Yep, huge pain. Also, the departments all say many different things and give conflicting information, even other customer service reps from the same departments give completely different information or assistance. It often depends on their knowledge, competency and/or mood, I suppose. They have repeatedly said things were being shipped after I was charged and in one case, months later, I never received any refund for the missing item that never materialized- while other items went 'missing' or got lost in transit on numerous other occasions, where I waited another few weeks after the rest of the order was already in. They must have huge lost merchandise costs. Very sketchy business practices these days and that's the tip of the iceberg of what I dealt with. They charged me shipping fees on orders shipped to a store, or over $99 @ $200+ orders, they reversed a discount on a completed transaction that the website approved, on two separate occasions, in which I had to waste time and effort fighting for reimbursal and so on and so on....  I had to ask myself why I continued ordering from a company with so many horrible aspects that gave such a dismal shopping experience. I hate to say it as I used to be such a huge fan but avoid like the plague if you can as more often than not you'll end up with a huge headache.

            Something will need to seriously change for Sears to stay in business in the future because discounts and sales won't cut it if there is so much red tape to even get a deal. At some point it's not worth the hassle.

            Those two discount codes are not applicable on just any $100 or $200 orders. Please note the fine print that clearly states only certain clearance or sale priced merchandise is applicable and they cannot end in certain numbers such as $0.88, $0.94 etc.. huge waste of time and effort if you don't know all the conditions and stipulations before hand. This has happened a few times where deals are being posted without all the proper information given.

            • KaylaS

              Sorry for the novel trilogy... Rant got a bit out of hand but just shows how much is wrong with Sears' system to be able to list that much

              • Pandabae

                I agree with you.  The customer service at Sears is horrible. I've had to wait 20 miutes at the counter to pick up an order before any associate even acknowledged me. I then had to wait longer for someone to even help me. This has happened multiple times. The deals are good sometimes but not worth the headache. 

                The online system is super glitchy. The prices were discounted and so I added to my cart then when I went to pay they all went back to Regular price. I called them and the rep basically said I was lying. I can't rant on but I'll leave it at that. Sears needs to improve customer service big time.