Experiences by Indigo: Activity Discounts @ Chapters

Experiences by Indigo: Activity Discounts @ Chapters

I was shopping online at Chapters and found an entire department I've never seen before. It's called Experiences by Indigo, and it's basically like their own version of Groupon.

Basically, these are passes, gift certificates and passes you can buy online through Chapters Indigo for specific events, activities and experiences across Canada.

And I don't know about you, but this has the potential to completely change vacations and gift shopping for me. Now, there's one more place to check for discounts on tickets!

For now, prices range between $19.99 and $289 for everything from sightseeing tours to deals on paintball games. There are options available in a few different cities, but they're mostly for the major centres (so far), like Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver.

There are even youth and adult passes to the Vancouver Aquarium. Admission is typically $30 for students and $38 for adults. Through Experiences by Indigo, you only pay $28 for kids aged 15 to 17 and $37 for yourself. So if you're going with a big group, those discounts would really add up!

The terms and conditions for each pass may vary, so make sure you check those out before you buy. Experiences by Indigo are only available online and not sold in stores.


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  • sdab

    Nothing for the Atlantic provinces, which isn't a surprise.