Everest Crazy Forts from $48.49 @ Amazon.ca

Everest Crazy Forts from $48.49 @ Amazon.ca

Do you remember when you were a kid, building forts and tents inside the house using whatever you could find? Bed sheets, tables, cushions off of the couch. Those were the good ol' days.

It was always tricky though to build the right kind of frame for the tent - Until now. Everest Toys makes a fantastic base kit for tents and forts.With 69 pieces total, you get 44 sticks and 25 balls to help build just the right sized fort. Of course, 2 sets are better than one if you want to go all out.

They're on sale for close to 35% off; the sale prices are shown below.

There are 3 different sets available for order.

To me, this Everest Toys Crazy Forts, Glow in the Dark, 69-Piece set is a better option aka more fun for kids, for $48.98 @Amazon.ca.

Maybe you have a child who loves pink! Check out this Everest Toys Crazy Forts Pink 69-Piece set for $46.98. You could make a pretty sweet pink castle with this set.

Shipping is free on all of these building sets.


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  • Jen G.

    He would love that! I don't mind it because it's something he will actually use and play with! I don't like big things they will play with once and that's it! Plus this can easily be put away when done.

    • Liz G.

      Cool! So I'm getting it! :)

    • Wanda H.

      Not sturdy and I would not buy it again .

      • JoJo S.

        Agree!! My kids got it as a Christmas gift. It was awful. Kept falling apart then the sticks became swords and then baseball bats. Boxes are so much more fun.

        • Carie M.

          it really does fall apart easily, frustrating for kids and the parents who have to help them make the fort!!

        • Libby D.

          I don't recommend buying these, they don't work well.