Evenflo Journey/Flexlite Strollers from ~$55.99 @ Shop.ca! * HOT * (EXPIRED)

Evenflo Journey/Flexlite Strollers from ~$55.99 @ Shop.ca! * HOT * (EXPIRED)


While browsing Shop.ca today, I spotted a good price on a couple of Evenflo strollers. The Evenflo Flexlite and the Evenflo Journey models are reduced by 40%, each down to only $95.99 with free shipping. While that’s a pretty decent price on its own, you can actually save an extra $40 by smartly using one of our exclusive coupon codes here!

So the only catch with this deal is that you’ll have to buy something else on the Shop.ca site of at least $4 in price, in order to get a $40 discount on the order total. The exclusive coupon code for $40 off $100 is MOOSE40OFF100AUGUST, but there are other coupon codes you can use for a higher discount, if you are making a higher value order.

Just as a random example which I spotted while browsing – this pink Bench belt is $9.99. When you throw it in your cart as well as the stroller, you’re getting $40 off your total. You could look at it like this – you’re getting a free belt plus an extra $30 discount on the stroller.

A few other ideas for items you could throw in your cart to reach the $100 minimum:

I ran a quick price comparison on the Evenflo strollers online, at other stores in Canada. Most other stores seemed to include the basic stroller in a travel system with the car seat at a price of $250 or more. The Flexlite was available on its own for $96 at Best Buy, which seems to be the best comparable price. So you can instantly see that by using our Bargainmoose exclusive coupon code, you’re getting a superb bargain.

If you don’t need a whole travel system, then this could be an ideal stroller for you. In my household, I already had hand-me-down car seats from older cousins in the family, so all I needed for the new babies was a stroller. I actually ended up buying two strollers – a light one like this, as well as a more expensive stroller. The light one now resides at my sister’s house, as the wee ones visit her at least once a week and it’s great to just have the little stroller there, ready and waiting. I know that nowadays, many moms and dads use their own parents as childcare helpers and babysitters, and it’s very handy to have an extra stroller for them to use.

Thanks guys, let me know if you order!

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