Etsy: What it is, Why it's Good, How You can get a Deal

Etsy: What it is, Why it's Good, How You can get a Deal

Etsy is a community (or database) of online shops from all over the world. The shops operate virtually independently but are all within the Etsy community which you need to sign up to to buy, make items your favourites and send messages.

Etsy is amazing because it gives shoppers access to fashions from all over the world. You can buy from Norway, the USA, Australia, Russia and many many countries across the world. Etsy is also a wonderful place to find unique, custom, handmade, one of a kind items. I will provide some examples:

  • April Dancer Etsy Store:The designer Frances Smily (originally from Vancouver, now NYC based) sells lingerie on Etsy that is one of a kind!These items are some of her label’s samples and one-off items. If you are a size S (though a few pieces are other sizes) this is a fabulous opportunity to get your hands on lingerie no one else will ever have.
  • AndyVeEirn Etsy Store: This guy makes hand knitted women's clothing. This Romantic lace top in Grey is one of my favourites and is made to order - which means you need to allow 1-2 weeks for this item to be handmade before shipment.
  • chopper178 Etsy Store: Designs petticoats and dresses + more. Her item sizes are made to order, meaning you give her your dimensions and she makes the item for your body.

What this means from a deal finders perspective:

  • Etsy stores will have coupon codes too. For example: use coupon code: BACK2SCHOOL for 25% off everything in April Dancer's shop. (expires 30th, Sept 2011)
  • Etsy stores have sales also. AndyVeEirn has a 'crazy sale' on with discounts on his handmade items, I see up to 35% off right now.
  • Also I find these truisms occur in life: If it doesn't fit well, you won't wear it. If you don't like it, you won't wear it. With custom hand made clothing you can be part of the process: it will be made to fit your body and you can ask for changes in lengths, colours, fabrics, etc to suit your style so you will love it. There is no point in finding a good deal on something you will never wear. It defeats the purpose of deal finding.

Lastly from a woman's perspective:

  • If it is handmade, custom made, and taken from the entire worldwide supply of fashion... what are the chances you will arrive at a party to see someone else wearing the exact same thing? Pretty close to zero. What if it is a one of a kind item? Then there is 0 chance someone will be wearing the exact same thing.

Pretty sweet.

That, was Etsy 101.


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    Oh my gosh, well if you love etsy AND a great deal, then you're going to love Heartsy! It's a groupon-type site but for selected sellers from etsy. The site functions just like Groupon, in that you buy your voucher from Heartsy and then you redeem them from the etsy vendors. It's awesome and they offer multiple vendors each day. Check it out via my link :-)***
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