Toy Story Scrunchies from $5.49 Shipped

And yes, they're already all in my cart
Toy Story Scrunchies from $5.49 Shipped

If I haven't mentioned it already, let me just say how excited I am that scrunchies are back. My inner ’90s child pretty much shrieks with happiness every time I put one on. I gave away all my OG hair scrunchies back in the day, but I probably own about 20 of them again ... and I might just have to add a couple more.

I just found some of the BEST scrunchies I've ever seen on Etsy. They're made from fabric that's covered with images of the Toy Story 4 characters ... and you can pick one up for $5.49 shipped!

These handmade scrunchies are pretty much an essential for any Toy Story fans ... and if you're already setting aside gifts for Christmas, these would make perfect stocking stuffers.

You have two scrunchies to choose from: one covered in a Forky pattern or one featuring more of the classic characters. Either one is $5.49 shipped, or you can order them both for $9.49 shipped.

They're crafted by the same Etsy seller behind the Harry Potter Scrunchies. I ordered all three of them a few weeks ago and can say they quality is pretty incredible for scrunchies that only cost a few dollars each. They shipped pretty quickly – and you can pre-order the HP ones if you didn't get a chance to buy them earlier.

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