Anybody Else Want This "Sparks Joy" Print?

Guess I probably shouldn't throw him out
Anybody Else Want This "Sparks Joy" Print?

I swear, I'm probably the only person left who hasn't seen Marie Kondo's Netflix special. But even still, I haven't been able to escape "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up." It's something ALL my friends seem to be talking about – and I know I wish I could cut down on clutter like she does.

If you've somehow managed to live without watching to hearing about her show, it's all about helping people streamline their lives. She takes them through their homes, asking them to only keep things that "spark joy" .. and if that's an idea you can get behind, I have something you might want to check out.

Now I can't imagine parting with every single thing in my home that doesn't exactly spark joy, so let me tell you, I won't be touching the KonMari method with a ten-foot pole. But this is something I can get behind.

Etsy seller MelBrownPaperStudio sells a TON of downloadable files that you can buy and then print yourself, and I can't get over this one. It reads "My husband sparks joy, so I guess I'll keep him," and it's only $6.84! Actually, what you get is WAY more than just a file, since this seller throws in a bunch of different sizes (including 12 x 12" and 24 x 30"), so you can print exactly what you need for a specific space or frame.

But once I got down this rabbit hole, I couldn't stop shopping ... and I also found this Marie Kondo T-Shirt that reads "Alexa, organize my house like Marie Kondo." Now if only that could happen! It comes in DOZENS of different colours and sizes, with prices starting at $21.87 plus $9.56 for shipping.

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