You Can Buy Magnetic Dinosaur Wallpaper!

Just imagine this in the kids' bedrooms
You Can Buy Magnetic Dinosaur Wallpaper!

As you might have heard, the Etsy Design Award winners were announced earlier this month. These awards recognize some of the most ingenious and innovative products sold on Etsy. If you can believe it, this year, wallpaper took home the top prize – but this isn't just any old wallpaper.

Sian Zeng is a UK-based artist who created an entire line of interactive wallpaper, including the Magnetic Dino Wallpaper that took home the $15,000 grand prize. While you attach it to your walls almost the same way you would with pretty much any wallpaper, this one comes with something special.

Not only is it covered in a pretty spectacular dinosaur pattern, but it's also magnetic! Sian sends along three magnetics that you can attach directly to the wallpaper – and you can add your own, too. That means the kids can literally play with their walls. Just remind them not to draw on it! You can also use magnets to attach photos, notes and other reminders to the paper. Maybe that'll help them remember to do their chores?

Every order comes with step-by-step instructions for installing this wallpaper, so make sure you follow them to the letter. An entire kit doesn't come cheap and will cost you $552.43 – but if you're planning to decorate a playroom or bedroom, this is an investment that's easily worth your while.

There's also an option to buy a wallpaper package with paste, but make sure you don't pick that one! The seller isn't able to ship paste outside of the EU, so that won't help you much. Shipping costs to Canada may vary, but where I live, it was only an extra $17.02. Just make sure you read the product description before you buy!

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