Harry Potter Scrunchies from $3.99 Shipped

Brb, just adding them all to my cart
Harry Potter Scrunchies from $3.99 Shipped

Let me just start by saying I'm absolutely on board with this scrunchie trend. Years ago, I gave away all the ones I stockpiled in the ’90s, but you better believe I started another collection this spring. I probably have one in just about every colour of the rainbow now, and I just found a few more I absolutely need.

Folks, there are Harry Potter scrunchies at Etsy! I actually came across them when I was searching for something else, and I dropped everything I was doing to order some. The fact that these exist makes me happy enough, but just wait until you hear the price. They're available from $3.99 shipped!

These specific scrunchies are all made by the same Etsy seller and come in three different patterns. One features the Marauder's Map, another highlights the Deathly Hallows, and the last one is covered in the house crests. Each one sells for $3.99 and qualifies for FREE delivery, or you can buy all three for $9.99.

So I don't know about the rest of you, but my order is already in! It looks like there are only a handful of these scrunchies still available (especially if you're planning to buy all three), and the last time I checked, about 20 people had them in their baskets. So if you want some, you know the drill. Act fast!

The Etsy seller behind these also makes this amazing Beauty and the Beast Scrunchie that's inspired by the stained-glass art you see in the movie. It sells for $5.49 shipped and just looks incredible.

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    Update: these are all sold out! We'll let you know if they're ever back in stock :kissing_heart: