FRIENDS Cufflinks from $79.75 Shipped

For your prince, soulmate and friend
FRIENDS Cufflinks from $79.75 Shipped

Ready to feel old? It's been almost 25 years since the first-ever FRIENDS episode aired, and the show will officially celebrate its anniversary on Sept. 22. But if you're planning a celebration of your own this year, I have something you might want to check out. You can order custom cufflinks for your "lobster!"

One of the most iconic scenes from the show has to be when Phoebe refers to soulmates as lobsters – because according to her, they mate for life, and "you can actually see old lobster couples walking around their tank, holding claws." And while I won't spoil that for you with the real science, I will show you these.

Etsy seller GeorgieDesigns actually makes cufflinks that say "You're My Lobster" on them ... and they'd make a perfect wedding gift to your groom! You can select the shape (round or square) and metal (steel or rose gold) for prices starting at $79.95 shipped, and then add your name and wedding date.

But here's where things get really special. While they have a few fonts you can choose from for the text, they can also make the cufflinks using your OWN handwriting! Just choose the "Sending MY Writing" option from their drop-down menu and attach a photo of what you'd like to say via an Etsy conversation.

If you'd like a proof of your order before anything is engraved, pay this $27.50 proof fee. The more text you add, the smaller the writing will be, so less is really more. You want your guy to be able to read these, after all! These cufflinks ship for free from the United States to Canada, and delivery upgrades may be available.

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