FRIENDS Thanksgiving Turkey Stamp @ Etsy

The one thing that was missing from your dinner-party place cards
FRIENDS Thanksgiving Turkey Stamp @ Etsy

In preparation for American Thanksgiving and all the turkey dinners I plan to eat around Christmas, I watched every single FRIENDS Thanksgiving episode I could on Netflix last night. And let me tell you, I'm absolutely in the holiday spirit and ready to play some tackle football in the park at the first chance I get.

If you haven't already guessed from how often I post about the show, I'm pretty much a diehard FRIENDS fan. That's why I was psyched to find just the weirdest little thing on Etsy earlier this week. There's an actual stamp that looks just like the turkey that Monica put on her head in Season 5 – fez, giant glasses and all.

There are two stamp sizes to choose from, and let me tell you, I'm putting this little turkey ALL over everything I can. Invitations? Check. Holiday cards? You betcha. And Thanksgiving dinner place cards? Abso-freakin-lutely. Prices start at $15.22, and while they're not self-inking, you can add an ink pad to your order.

They're made by a Spanish Etsy seller who has crafted this "You're My Lobster!" Stamp that's also from FRIENDS and this Custom Address Stamp that features the peephole frame from Monica's apartment. You know the one. You can add your own name and address in the box provided – and I'm already ordering.

Shipping to Canada from this Etsy shop is an additional $5.33, but you should be able to score free delivery if you spend at least $182.65. So if you spot anything else you absolutely need ...

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