Doughnut Wall Stacker for $21.81 @ Etsy

Who needs a wedding cake anyway?
Doughnut Wall Stacker for $21.81 @ Etsy

This one is for all you brides-to-be, maids of honour and all-around hosts. If you've spent any time on Pinterest lately, you probably know that the focal point of just about any party nowadays is the dessert table. And one of the trendiest ways to display those desserts – doughnut walls – aren't going away anytime soon.

But if the thought of individually hanging doughnuts on wooden pegs all night is steering you away from the idea altogether, check this out. You can buy a Doughnut Stacker instead on Etsy Canada!

This particular little gadget basically looks like a ring-toss pole, except there are three dowels attached to the base instead of just one. It's big enough to fit about 30 to 35 regular-size doughnuts, so they're perfect for smaller parties – or you can always pick up more than one if you're feeding an entire wedding guest list.

You can just set these on a table instead of worrying about installing or balancing a traditional doughnut wall somewhere. And you don't have to worry about refilling empty pegs all night, because these ones will take a while to dwindle down! The Doughnut Stacker is sold as a set you piece together yourself (in just a couple minutes at most) for $21.83. Shipping is an additional $9.73, but delivery is free if you spend $423.16.

Of course, you could probably make your own with just scrap wood and a few dowels. But if you're on a time crunch (or, like me, not handy at all), this is still a pretty good bargain compared to other stands out there.

The same Etsy seller makes this Pastel Doughnut Wall (for $14.97) that fits nine standard-size doughnuts and would be perfect for smaller events like an intimate bridal shower or Sunday brunch. But if you're looking for something you can use at a baby shower or your kid's birthday party, they also have a Rainbow Doughnut Wall! You can use it to display up to 14 doughnuts, and it costs $21.65 plus shipping.

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