Custom Wine Stopper Party Favours @ Etsy

Now here's a wedding favour your guests will actually use
Custom Wine Stopper Party Favours @ Etsy

Wedding season is just around the corner, so just let me say something to all the future brides and grooms out there. If you choose to give out wedding favours, why not invest in something your guests will actually be able to use? Sure, those beer koozies and refrigerator magnets are cute, but I'm all for practical presents.

My husband and I had a fairly small wedding and put all our energy and money into throwing a fun party. I wanted people to walk away with memories, photos and (in most cases) a little bit of a hangover. We decided against handing out wedding favours, but I kind of wish we'd considered something like this.

I was scrolling through Etsy a couple days ago when I found personalized wine stoppers. These particular ones are made by a Spain-based seller called My Fair Guest Book, and they're specifically made as wedding takeaways. You can choose one of 16 laser-engraved designs or work with the seller to create your own.

Until I received a few more for Christmas, I was always looking for wine stoppers, and I bet many of your attendees are in the same boat. These stoppers are made of oak wood and cork and should fit most standard wine bottles. You can order between 15 and 400 of them, with prices starting at $65.27.

For a little more, you can add on stand-up cards to display the stoppers. They make some fairly plain ones in different colours, but I specifically love this listing because you can order ones made out of maps! Let the seller know about your wedding location, and they'll source a map of the area. After the big day, you and your guests can flatten the stands and add them to scrapbooks or albums – or use them as bookmarks.

This seller has a few other thank-you gift options and designs, so you might want to check them all out before you place an order. Make sure you read and then follow all the instructions in the product listing to get the personalization you want. And even though they're based in Spain, orders ship to Canada for FREE.

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