Leather Bike Cup Holder for $34.78 Shipped

Essential for those morning commutes
Leather Bike Cup Holder for $34.78 Shipped

Need a birthday gift for the cyclist who has everything? Chances are, they don't own anything like this yet. Everybody can use a hands-free way to carry their coffee or tea to the office, and this bicycle cup holder is the perfect way strap a travel mug to your handlebars. Plus, it's only $34.78 shipped!

I realize this is far from the only cup holder out there that's made for cyclists, but it is my favourite one that I've seen. This handy little accessory is made out of leather by the same Ukraine-based Etsy seller that brought us this amazing Bicycle Bottle Holder that you can use to transport a full bottle of wine.

It has three adjustable straps you can use to secure it to just about any handlebars out there. Choose between a brown or red one – or get the red-and-brown combo cup holder. Whichever one you pick, it will only cost you $34.78 shipped, so you can even use save it for a Secret Santa gift and likely stay within the price limit.

It measures 10 cm tall and has a top diameter of 9 cm (and a bottle diameter of 7 cm), which is about the perfect size to hold a small or medium coffee, depending on where you buy your brew. So no, this won't fit an entire thermos' worth, but it's enough for your first cup of the day. And it does look pretty cool!

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