Escents Aromatherapy: 20% off Storewide & Up to 75% Off Deals

Escents Aromatherapy: 20% off Storewide & Up to 75% Off Deals


Escents Aromatherapy has 20% off store-wide right now and 50% to 75% off select items this weekend.

Pick whatever you want at Escents Aromatherapy and it is yours for 20% off. This offer cannot be combined with any other discount. On top of this fantastic promotion, you can also receive between 50 and 75% off a selection of items.

Add the items to your cart to see your final savings as the extra 20% off will be taken off in your cart.

For example, get 75% off both the Verve Essential Oil Blend and the Iris Essential Oil Blend. Originally $15.95 a piece, you can pick each up for only $3.24.

Need some basic body care products? Receive 60% off the Calm Water Hand & Body Lotion . Originally $16.95, the lotion comes down to just $6.78 once you place it in your cart. Pair it up with this yummy Pacific Bath & Shower Gel that also was $16.95 and yet you will only pay $6.78 for the bottle.

I am a huge fan of baths, bath oil, and Argan oil specifically. Take your pick between Lilac Organic Argan Bath Oil or Tuberose Organic Argan Bath Oil  for only $7.58, originally $18.95 a bottle. Each bottle is 120 ml (4 fl oz) and you really do not need a lot to make your bath one moisturizing place. Use only a couple cap-fuls.

Get free shipping at Escents on orders of $75 or more.

(Expiry: 12th May 2014)


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