Entertainment Coupon Books Just $5

Entertainment Coupon Books Just $5


Right now, you can get the current edition of the Entertainment Coupon Book for the lowest price I have ever seen it listed.  Get your Entertainment Coupon Book for just $5 and free shipping when you sign up to annual renewal for the next one.

The last time they reduced the price of their books, they were offering the for two for $20 (or $10 each) which we blogged about because it was still a great deal.  Cutting that great deals price in half to just $5 a book and free shipping is truly a spectacular deal!

All of the books have coupons that are valid until the end of this year, so there is plenty of time to use the coupons inside and save a lot of money. The coupons will save you on all sorts of things.  Save on travel, dining, specific local stores, and a huge variety of entertainment.  They often have two for one zoo passes for your family, discount coupons for your city's science centres or museums, and much more.

I love the fact that you get the book for your city because it has coupons that will pertain to you instead of being so broad.

It does not list an expiry date for this $5 coupon book deal and since this is the lowest I have ever seen it advertised, I assume it will most likely be the last deal they offer this year for these books.  The old coupon may have expired by now, but with thousands of coupons in each book, there is more than enough to use to get the cost of the measly $5 back and more.

As I said earlier, you will also get free shipping with your order when you sign up to annual renewal for the next one.

(Ends 1st June 2014)


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  • Lisa
    didn't work for me- says 15 bucks
    • Anna W.
      Lisa, use the link in the above post and try again - I edited it. Sorry!
    • Jo
      Thanks for sharing, the 5$ deal worked for me! :)