Entertainment Books Canada $15 & Free Shipping

Entertainment Books Canada $15 & Free Shipping


A few weeks back, I posted that the Entertainment Book Canada was only $17 with free shipping. If you were in two minds about purchasing it then, perhaps you will be more inclined to do so now - as it has dropped to only $15 with free shipping!

Cities of interest:Entertainment-2

  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • Okanagan Valley
  • Vancouver
  • Vancouver Island
  • Winnipeg
  • Halifax
  • Hamilton
  • Ottawa
  • Toronto Area
  • Montreal et environs
  • Saskatchewan

Remember, the contents and coupons in this Entertainment book are valid up to November 2010, so you have quite a while to make use of it. You would definitely save a lot more than your initial $15 outlay!  Even if you were just going for a trip to one of the aforementioned cities, it's well-worth buying the Entertainment Book for specific discounts on attractions and dining out.


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