Entertainment Books: All Books $15 & Free Shipping

Entertainment Books: All Books $15 & Free Shipping

Entertainment Books are back with an incredible deal. All books are just $15 each no matter which area you live in.  In addition to this discount, you will also get free shipping for a limited time only.

Each area is priced differently so depending on where you live, you will be saving different amounts on each book.  Here is a few examples of how much you will be saving:

  • Vancouver was $50/ now $15 (save $35)
  • Calgary was $45/ now $15 (save $30)
  • Toronto was $35/ now $15 (save $20)

This is the lowest price they have been so far this year and it is an incredible deal.  There are thousands of coupons to use so the book will really pay for itself if you use just a couple of them.  Save on restaurants, shopping, kids activities, outdoors activities, family entertainment and much much more.

You will have until November 2013 to use them so there is still plenty of time to use up those coupons.  They are great gift ideas and perfect for sharing with a friend.  With spring already here and summer just around the corner, you can use some of the activity and entertainment coupons to save on family outings such as the zoo and sports games.

(Expiry: 14th April 2013)


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