Entertainment Book Free 2009 Edition! (Buy 2010 Coupon Book)

Entertainment Book Free 2009 Edition! (Buy 2010 Coupon Book)

This is a heads-up for those of you who didn’t buy the Entertainment book in last months deal. This month, Entertainment Book Canada is giving away free copies of the 2009 edition! You have to pre-order the 2010 edition, which will be shipped out to you for free sometime in August or September 2009.

If you eat out a lot, I’d definitely recommend buying the Entertainment book. It contains lots of free restaurant coupons, BOGO offers, percentage discounts, etc. The cost of the 2010 edition depends where you live. They state it usually costs between $25 and $51 for the whole year.

The free coupons and deals in the 2009 edition may be used up to November 1st, 2009. You have to pay the $4.99 shipping fee on the freebie.

If you don’t want to bother with the 2010 edition, you can just grab the 2009 edition for $9.99 & $4.99 shipping (about $15). It will be valid over the whole of the summer 2009, so you’ll have lots of time to make use of it.

Don’t forget to claim your free cashback by buying The Entertainment Book through Dealguild Canada.


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