Entertainment Book Canada Deal

Entertainment Book Canada Deal


As mentioned by Bargainmooser Patti in our last thread about the Entertainment Book Canada, all Entertainment Books are only $19.99 this week only! Plus you get free shipping too.

The individual books can be purchased for only $19.99, no matter what Canadian region you are in. Usually some cities are more expensive than others.

To make this even sweeter, if you want to buy additional copies of The Entertainment Book, they're only $14.99. I would suggest you ask friends and family to see if they would like to buy one too, therefore bringing down the price for everyone. Here's the breakdown if you're interested:

  • Buy 1 = $19.99 only
  • Buy 2 = $17.49 each
  • Buy 3 = $16.66 each
  • Buy 4 = $16.24 each
  • Buy 5 = $15.99 each

For $19.99 and free shipping, this is definitely worth a purchase if you don't have The Entertainment Book yet.

(P.S. The Entertainment Book is a coupon book with loads of deals and offers for certain Canadian cities)


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