Entertainment Book 2011: $7 Off + Free Shipping

Entertainment Book 2011: $7 Off + Free Shipping

Entertainment Book Canada

Ah, the entertainment book... what can I say? I love it! One of the greatest suppliers of our coupons per per year! The Entertainment Book runs November 1 - November 1 and has an absolute ton of coupons for many cities and regions in Canada.

Depending on your city the price  for the book varies but here are some examples:

  • Toronto - $35 now $28
  • Ottawa - $40 now $33
  • Edmonton $45 now $38
  • Montreal - $35 now $28
  • Saskatchewan - $35 now $28

You get the idea. You get $7 off the original prices (which are in USD) and free shipping!

We are going to be getting another one this year, it is so easy to make up the cost for the book. We use the Safeway coupons, A&W Root Beer Float coupons, New Asian Village $10 off an entree coupons, cineplex movie coupons, M&M meat shop coupons... etc!

This year I need to get my wedding dress dry cleaned, and anyone who has done that knows how expensive it is. They are quoting $250 for the process, yikes.  However, there is a coupon in the entertainment book to get 25% off your dry cleaning order and that would more than pay for the book in savings!

Do you have any great savings stories with the Entertainment Book?


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