Entertainment Book: 2 for $25 + Free Shipping

Entertainment Book: 2 for $25 + Free Shipping

Entertainment Book Canada

The entertainment books are certainly coming down in price, and are very worth getting for the deals they hold inside! Get ANY two entertainment books for only $25, with free shipping!

In a city like Edmonton, the entertainment book started out at $45 originally, so to get them now for only $12.50 each is great. When dry-cleaning my wedding dress one of the coupons saved us over $50. We also have frequently used some of our favourite restaurant coupons as well. A great part of the Entertainment Book is the access to extra monthly online coupons!

I wish they had a coupon book for New Zealand, I am going to be there for 3 weeks and would love to save some money as eating out is inevitable!


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  • Doreen
    Is the discount to $12.50/book calculated somewhere because when I go to the ent . book site they say the books are $15 each. And can they 2 books go to different addresses. I would like one and I would like to give one away as a surprise gift to someone somewhere else in the country?
    • Avigayil
      When you add them to your cart they will discount to a total of $25 for both. Just tested it gain and it still works! As for the rest of your questions you might want to contact Entertainment Book as they would know better than us!