Entertainment Book: $16 Books & Free Shipping

Entertainment Book: $16 Books & Free Shipping


All Entertainment books are only $16 right now and you'll also only pay $1 for shipping get free shipping! This deal ends at the end of the day, so don't wait.

If you haven't bought one of these books yet, what's stopping you? They offer so many coupons that almost anyone who spends money can use as there is so many different vendors and categories. Their digital subscription alone makes this more than worth it, as you can reuse coupons as much as you'd like. I know that you like coupons, because you are reading this right now on Bargainmoose, and we like coupons too.

Every year, sales guys come to my door selling a coupon book for charity. I used to buy until I realized although the coupons were very local, I barely used any of them because they were like ten for one place and not enough vendors that I'd actually use. This is not so with Entertainment Book, as they have local coupons (mainly for larger cities), but also big brand coupons like Aeropostale, Michaels or Marble Slab to name a few. One notable coupon is two pizzas from Pizza Hut for only $10. Just one use of that coupon might pay for the $16 cost of your book.

Top it off with paying only $1 for shipping and you are set.

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