Enfamil Canada Family Beginnings Program Freebies

Enfamil Canada Family Beginnings Program Freebies


If you are a new parent or if you are expecting, you will want to keep reading. Enfamil has a Family Beginnings program that is completely free and when you sign up, you will get a ton of freebies.

With this free program you will get a lot of things, including baby item samples like formula, information and coupons, and they usually give a pretty big free gift.  The picture above is of a cute stuffed animal, so that may be what they are offering right now.  When I signed up, I got a cooler backpack that was very stylish, and I used it all the time when my kids were on bottles.

The free welcome kit is worth up to $160, so this is a great gift to get.  When you sign up, it will be mailed to your address and you will get additional coupons and samples from time to time as your baby grows.  It was totally worth it because I used almost everything that I got with mine.  It was also great because I had a preemie baby, and I had to supplement with formula.  Instead of buying a huge expensive container of it, I got to try out different ones for free with these samples.

Not only will you get this free gift, but you will also get free resources. They email you information on your growing baby, tips, tricks, and advice that is very useful. All of this is absolutely free and you can sign up whether you are just expecting or already have a little one.

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