Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries $10.99 @ Dell.ca!

Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries $10.99 @ Dell.ca!

I thought I’d let you know about this battery bargain that Dell Canada offer from time to time. You can buy a 4 pack of Sanyo AAA Eneloop batteries for only $10.99 including free shipping!

Click here to order your Eneloop batteries from Dell.ca.


These are fully charged up when you receive them, so they’re good to go immediately.


I use quite a lot of batteries in the home, from my pepper grinder to the Nintendo Wii Fit! I have quite a stockpile of batteries to make sure there are always charged replacements for when a set runs out. Over the last year or so, I’ve started to replace all my batteries with Eneloops, as I feel they are far superior to no-name brand batteries. Of course, you can buy 10 packs of batteries at your local dollar store for next to nothing, but you’ve got to think of the long term, and doing a little bit for the environment too.


Some old batteries that I have don’t seem to hold the charge very well any more, so I’m slowly buying more and more Eneloops to replace them all.


Check out the reviews on Amazon.com. 488 people rated these batteries 5/5. That’s an excellent score. They are very highly regarded all over the internet. People swear by Eneloop!

Thanks 001FJ.


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