Enclosed Trampolines from $109.99 @ Toys R Us Canada

Enclosed Trampolines from $109.99 @ Toys R Us Canada

If the kiddos have been begging for a backyard trampoline, you can find some of the best ones out there from only $109.99 at Toys R Us Canada!

For younger children, this Stats 55-inch My First Trampoline with Enclosure for only $109.99 might be a perfect fit, since it holds up to 55 lbs and has extra padding and a smaller jump surface to keep your littlest ones safe!

These trampolines are even on sale:

Don't forget to check out some of these, too!

And if you're after that coveted Mom of the Year Award, take a look at the Springfree Smart Trampolines!

These trampolines use Bluetooth to wirelessly connect your tablet. Sensors in the trampoline connect to your body's movement, which means you work as your own controller! Download tgoma from the App Store or Google Play and access all kinds of games, educational activities and fitness trackers to help get your family outside and active!

Choose from these four models:

Your new trampoline will ship for free.


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  • KaylaS

    The first trampoline link is definitely a typo on the website and meant to be 55"... I just bought my kids one larger than this and it's in inches.