Elf Monopoly $39.99 @ Game Shack

Guaranteed to spread Christmas cheer!
Elf Monopoly $39.99 @ Game Shack

Who loves Elf the Movie? If you do then you're get ready to go Buddy crazy over this Elf edition of Monopoly. You can get it for just $39.99 from Game Shack and it's the perfect way to get festive even outwith the holidays season.

Elf Monopoly

Elf The Movie Monopoly is the most festive edition of the board game you can possibly get. It comes with metal game pieces in the form of Santa’s Bag, Polar Bear Cub, Coffee Mug, Jack-in-the-Box, Santa’s Sleigh and Maple Syrup.

Buy up places such as Santa’s Workshop, Gimbels Toy Department, and the Lincoln Tunnel. Then, build on them with buildings and skyscrapers in the hope your opponent has to pay you rent.

Watch out for obstacles with the Office Coffee and Printing Error penalties at Hobbs & Son Publishing, that'll eat up your Monopoly cash!


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