eHARLEQUIN: 5% Off or Free Shipping Coupon Codes

eHARLEQUIN: 5% Off or Free Shipping Coupon Codes


eHarlequin Canada has sent out a few promotional codes! It says for members only, but I checked it out and from what I can find it just means you need to register on their website. Simple. You can use one of two coupons, whichever one gets you the greatest discount would be best!

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  • Discount: 5% off
  • Coupon Code: CHOICE1N
  • Expires: 31st, October 2010


  • Discount: Free Shipping
  • Coupon Code: CHOICE2N
  • Expires: 31st, October 2010

Both coupons are for ANY order. If you spend $15 or more you get free shipping anyway, so if your making a larger order I would suggest the 5% off coupon. If you have your eye just on one or two books, maybe the free shipping is best. Max. order with these coupons is 30 books.


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