Ed Sheeran 'X' Album Only 99¢ @ Google Play

Ed Sheeran 'X' Album Only 99¢ @ Google Play


This week, Google Play is offering the Ed Sheeran 'X' Album as their album of the week for just 99¢.

This album is super popular and we saw it go on sale earlier this year from $9.99 down to $5.99 at iTunes. This time, you can pay just 99¢ for the album, which is less than the cost of one of the songs on the album.

Ed Sheeran is a very popular artist right now. Most of the people I know have a couple of his songs at least. I was introduced to Ed Sheeran by a friend because I like listening to Of Monsters and Men, Walk off the Earth, Passenger, John Newman, and more of those types of artists.

While Ed ended up not being the horse for me, I still think he makes nice music and will be a fan favourite.

Currently, the Ed Sheeran X album costs $10.99 at iTunes Canada - and that is in the digital form! The physical CD costs $9.89 on Amazon Canada right now. It is odd that the digital version costs more, but this is an album that appears to be holding its value.

This album has 12 songs on it including the ever popular Thinking Out Loud. The reviews are pretty much off the charts for this album as it has an average rating of 4.7/5 stars. One reviewer said:

ED SHEERAN IS AMAZING Wow. his upbeat songs make me wanna jump and his slow songs make me wanna find someone close. His song Thinking Out Loud is my new favorite song.

Many reviewers echo many of these sentiments. This has really been a popular album this year and many people think that Ed's X album is even better than his + album. I will leave that for you and your ears to decide.

Even if you are not an Ed Sheeran fan, this offer is a great way to expand your musical repertoire for a dollar. Who knows, you may find a few songs you like. You can always send this deal to a few friends who are Sheeran fans.

(Expiry: 21st August 2015)


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