EBGames: Pre-Owned Gears of War (Xbox) only $4.99 + Shipping

EBGames: Pre-Owned Gears of War (Xbox) only $4.99 + Shipping

EB Games Canada is selling pre-owned copies of Gears of War (Xbox 360) for only $4.99. This is down from their previous used price of $7.99 and is a stark contrast to the price of the game new, still around $20 at most places.

Sure the game has been kicking around for a while but not all gamers get the newest or the best as soon as it comes out. I know a lot of us are on a budget and wait for killer deals to pick up games we have been wanting to try for a while. Has Gears of War been on your list? Well now you can spend a mere $5 to pick up the wildly popular title.

Yes the game is pre-owned, but EB Games is pretty good at making sure that used games are in great shape before they resell them.

The downside of the deal? You have to pay for shipping unless you can figure out how to pick up at your local store, an option I couldn't find at checkout. Shipping is $4.99 (I know, painful) so your total cost is $9.98. Let us keep this in perspective. Amazon Canada is charging $25.26 for the game new, and Future Shop has it for $9.99 used + shipping.

This deal actually works best if you are already buying something at EB Games. Just add it on and get yourself a game on the cheap.

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