eBay: SanDisk SDHC Memory Card 4GB Class 4 - 63% Off

eBay: SanDisk SDHC Memory Card 4GB Class 4 - 63% Off


eBay has a good deal on a SanDisk SDHC Memory Card 4GB Class 4, for only $9.99 US. Believe it or not that translates to $9.93 Can right now as our dollar is worth more than theirs! This is 63% off the general going rate for memory cards these days. Free shipping too.

They come from the US however if you get 1 or 2 there should be no duty as it would be less than $20.

Our London Drug's purchase this boxing day was a 4GB SD card for the same price pretty much. So you are getting a Boxing Day quality deal, after boxing day. It holds so much more than my 1GB card, I maxed that out in a few day trip to England last month! Halfway through the museum my memory card suddenly complains it's full. I wasn't happy. Standing beside thousands of year old Books of the Dead and going through the camera deleting pictures is not the way to spend one's precious time at the British Museum. This summer my lovely husband plans to take me on a proper honeymoon to New Zealand and I am certainly going to stock up on memory cards before I go!


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