eBay Deal: Underwater HD Camcorder / Camera for $199.99

eBay Deal: Underwater HD Camcorder / Camera for $199.99


Once upon a time a Mooser mentioned that they wanted an underwater camera for Christmas. I wondered "why stop there?" This Sanyo video camera is 60% off, boasts 720p HD, 30x optical zoom with face chaser, image stabilizer and stereo recording. It is also waterproof to 10 feet under water. This model is considered not just a camcorder, but a 'dual camera' because of the functions it has. It is a camera and camcorder all in one!

To read the specs on the creature here is a link to it on the manufacturer's website: click here! The one Henry's is selling is the yellow one in the pic above. I was thinking about why a usual non-waterchild would like an underwater camera. I have come up with a pretty good list. If you have a husband, or kids, the following list may apply to why you want a waterproof camera/camcorder:

  • snow banks
  • the pool
  • left outside overnight
  • lakes, rivers, streams, ponds
  • the toilet :-D

Comes with free shipping and a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Taxes will be charged as per the tax rate in your province.


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  • Linda
    the toilet???............I guess I have a kid in college & could see this happening!....