Ebay Daily Deal: $9.99 Funny Tees

Ebay Daily Deal: $9.99 Funny Tees


There are a few t-shirts on the daily deal from eBay Canada today. They are funny t-shirts, and are only $9.99us with free shipping. They’re being sold by Cafépress which is an international t-shirt printing company, so a reliable seller.

Just in case you don’t get it, the “I’m on a boat” phrase comes from the recent spate of Old Spice ads. If you have never seen them, well ladies, you MUST watch the first one... and hopefully a few more.

The others you can choose from are “oh snap” or “afternoon delight.” I think the latter is from the song in the Anchorman movie? Correct me if I am wrong :)


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  • Alicia
    Maybe I'm wrong... but anyone I know associates the "I'm on a Boat" phrase with Lonely Island's song ft T-Pain of the same name. It was even on SNL. Great song!
    • Anna
      You could very well be right Alicia :) I just have the hunky Old Spice man on my mind :)
      • lor
        I was gonna say the same thing. ;)
      • g
        uhh, im on a boat is NOT from the old spice ads its from the tpain song