eBay Canada: Refurb. Jawbone Jambox Speaker $64 + Free Shipping

eBay Canada: Refurb. Jawbone Jambox Speaker $64 + Free Shipping


eBay Canada has a great deal for Canadians right now. Pick up an Authentic Original Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth Portable Speaker for $59.99 US = $63.88 CAN with free shipping.

The Jawbone ships from Ontario so there are no customs or duties to worry about. This is a manufacture refurbished Jawbone, so while it doesn't come looking brand new out of that impossible-to-open packaging, what you are getting is a fully functional and amazing speaker at a very good deal.

The Jawbone speakers:

come in bulk (non-retail) packaging with all accessories included: Jawbone JAMBOX, microUSB charging cable, 3.5mm stereo cable, carrying case, AC adapter and user guide. Cosmetically they look brand new. This is not the Jambox Mini.

Now, why is this such a good deal? Well, let us look at the regular price of the full size Jawbone. I found them at Amazon.ca for $146 (cheapest) and prices only went up from there on other websites. Pick up a refurbished version and you are saving yourself a good chunk of money on one of the most powerful portable speakers on the market in this price range.

This speaker ranks a 4.2 /5 on Amazon with many people gushing over how great this speaker is. The battery life between recharges is good, the volume is excellent, and the sound quality also appears to be a hit. As one commenter said:

Great sound and amazing volume from such a small size. Hooked up the jawbone via bluetooth from my Android phone. I could adjust the sound settings from my phone. I was surprised by the bass when it caused the speaker vibrate on the counter. I took a phone call while using the Jambox and great hands free operation.

Over 240 of these units have sold already on eBay and supplies are limited. You can choose from grey, red, or black. All colours still appear to be in stock so get on this offer soon to get the greatest choice. I am usually an all-black sort of person, but the red is really attractive.

With free shipping and over $80 off the going price of this unit, I think it is a great deal. With refurbished products, the problems have already been fixed so you are getting a speaker that has essentially been gone over twice. I have had great success with refurbished products and am certainly considering buying one for myself.

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