eBay Canada: List Free Auction & Fixed Priced incl. Fashion

eBay Canada: List Free Auction & Fixed Priced incl. Fashion


eBay Canada currently has a list for free event on. You can list up to 10,000 things free through auction or fixed priced listing. The fixed priced listings are now open to fashion, collectables, and other categories that are usually excluded. This promotion also gives you 10-day listings for free.

I am pretty stoked about this offer! It is really three promos in one so let me sort this out for you:

  1. You regularly get 50 free listings (auction or fixed price). With this promotion, you can list up to 10,000 items (consider this unlimited).
  2. Usually, up to 7-day listings are free. With this promotion, you can also list your items free for 10-days.
  3. Free fixed price listings usually exclude popular categories like fashion, collectables, and more. With this promotion, all those categories are included.

I sell 99% off my items in fashion, so I usually have to pay if I want a fixed-priced listing instead of an auction. That costs me 30 cents, which adds up if you are listing a whole bunch of items. 10-day durations also cost extra (40 cents, for auctions), so you can save a bunch by upgrading your auction to a longer duration with this promotion.

Here I am yammering on about saving cents by listing stuff on eBay and you are wondering WHY this is a deal. I sell stuff on eBay. Stuff I no longer wear, no longer need, and a lot of stuff I bought on final sale that never did fit properly. I save money by not paying eBay fees when I list my products.

Last time I blogged about an eBay deal, I gave you my August and September figures. While I did not do a lot of new listing in October, I did save a bit of money and I made a ton of money:

  • Spent on insertion fees: $0.97
  • Saved on insertion fees: $2.90
  • Money made: $352.98

Did I mention I had a very successful month on eBay? It was lovely. Usually I list a bit more than I did last month, as my previous months I have saved around double that month but I had some higher value items so less listings. However, with this promotion I have just gone on a listing spree. I have already listed seven items and will be listing at least another three before the promo is over.

Make a little money, save a little money, and check out this little offer at eBay Canada. Click through the above link to activate the promotion.

(Expiry: 29th October 2014)


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