eBay Canada: $190 for (4) $50 Petro-Canada Gift Cards & FREE Fuel Savings Card ($25 Value)

eBay Canada: $190 for (4) $50 Petro-Canada Gift Cards & FREE Fuel Savings Card ($25 Value)

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eBay Canada has a pretty sweet deal if you fuel up at Petro-Canada regularly. Purchase four (4) $50 Petro-Canada Gift Cards for just $190. You save an initial $10 AND will receive a FREE Fuel Savings Card worth $25. The savings card gives you a $0.05 per litre discount for 500 litres of gas. 500 x $0.05 = $25 worth. Receive free shipping on your gift card order as well. With over 1,500 locations across Canada, there is sure to be a Petro-Canada near you. I fuel up Petro-Canada when I am traveling as their gas stations are easily accessible off our Canadian highways.

This gift card can be redeemed in store or at the pump. If redeeming at the pump, then use your Petro-Points card first and your Fuel Savings Card so you can stick discounts. Then, use the gift card as your first payment card. If your fuel costs more than $50, then you can use a second gift card for payment. Honestly, I always find using gift cards at the pump an utter nightmare so I would probably just pay for my gas and snacks in store.

You are receiving four cards for $190. If you get confused as to what cards you have used and what ones still have full balance, then you can check the balance of your cards through Petro-Canada’s website. All gift cards are shipped regular mail thus they are shipping inactive as per all gift cards from eBay Canada. You will need to activate the cards when they arrive. If you are giving these gift cards as gifts, I recommend activating them before sticking them in someone's stocking or under the tree.  You can visit eBay Gift Card Activate for activation.

Over 300 of these Petro-Canada gift card packs have sold and there are limited quantities available. They are being sold by giftcardstore who is a very reputable gift card seller.

Now, we had a previous Petro-Canada gift card deal with a $50 card for $45 so I will tell you why this one is better. In the previous deal, you would spend $180 for $200 worth of cards. In this deal, you spend $180 for $225 worth of fuel because that bonus free card is worth $25.

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