EB Games: 60 - 70% Off Civilization Titles

EB Games: 60 - 70% Off Civilization Titles


EB Games Digital is offering 70% off almost all Civilization titles right now. The only title not 70% off is Civilization V Complete Edition for 60% off.

I am the perfect person to be writing this deal because my computer has over 1000 hours clocked in to Civ 5 so far. Granted, those are not all me as my husband is an active player as well. However, I know my way around Civilization V like the back of my hand. I also played Civilization IV, but not the titles before it.

Here are some of the discounts you can expect:

I currently play Civilization V with both the Brave New World and the Gods and Kings expansions will all character DLCs. I have not bothered to buy the bonus maps packs unless they came with the character packs as I play multi-player most of the time.

Civilization rocks because you really can bring a lot to the game. Choose the type of map that suits the leaders you like to play. You pick the leaders you like to play based on your own playing style. You can either make up for your playing 'deficits' through leaders or go for your strong points. For example: my husband often has the lowest army and the lowest population in early game. He can either play someone with their special troops early in the game to encourage army grown (like Greece), or he can play someone who specializes in grown (like Gandhi) to help even out his game play. My husband is always heavy into tech so playing Nebuchadnezzar plays to his strengths.

I develop somewhat of an insular nation by nature. I always aim for high production through high growth rates. Thus, Gandhi is one of my favourite characters to play as his bonus can sustain a larger population, which means more tiles for production. When I do go warmonger, I really enjoy Ethiopia because you can pair their ‘smaller than other civilization’ bonus up with +30% city defenses from religion for a formidable opponent in war.

This game is a great waste of time. It is on sale because the next installment of Civilization, called Civilization: beyond Earth, is scheduled for release on the 24th of October.

(Expiry: 10th October 2014)


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