Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk - 6 Pack $13 @ Amazon Canada

Forget the chocolate... this will please them more!
Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk - 6 Pack $13 @ Amazon Canada

I'm always on the lookout for an alternative to chocolate for Easter, which is why these Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalks caught my eye. The 6 Pack is $13 from Sold by Theocratic Ideas-The Real Canadian Wholesale on Amazon (and fulfilled by Amazon)

Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk

Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk is the ideal for keeping the kids creative. These chunky chalks come in an egg shape so won't snap, and will last the kids for ages.

You get six different colours in each pack, so you can create the most colorful pictures. We have some regular sidewalk chalks, and we've been using them to draw on the house, and to write out math sums on the sidewalk.

They are fun, and the fact that these ones are Easter themed just make them even more special. The kids will get so much more pleasure from them than some flimsy chocolate shell.

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