East Side Mario's Canada: Get Kids Meals, Mario's Chillers or Desserts For Just $2 on Tuesdays

East Side Mario's Canada: Get Kids Meals, Mario's Chillers or Desserts For Just $2 on Tuesdays


Tuesday always feels better than Monday. Mainly because we are one day closer to Friday, but East Side Mario's just gave us another reason to appreciate Tuesday. Head into your local East Side Mario's restaurant on a Tuesday (including today) and you can enjoy a variety of Kids meals, Mario's Chillers, and desserts for just $2 each.

Could you imagine feeding your kids for just $2 each? Now that can be a reality. Every Tuesday, East Side Mario's Canada offers their $2 Tuesdays promotion. Now you can enjoy kids meals, Mario's Chillers and desserts for just $2 each. The second day of the week just got so much better! The catch is that these offers are valid for dine-in only. You can't order these delicious items for take out and get the same deal unfortunately.

There is quite a selection of items available for just $2, you and your kiddo will not be disappointed. If you wanted to go just for dessert, you can do that too. Sometimes my best friend and I will go to East Side Mario's or Kelsey's just to get a drink and dessert, to catch up and enjoy a treat. At East Side Mario's you can choose between the B&W Chocolate Mousse Cake, Buddha Binger Bites or Mario's Super Sundae for just $2. Anyone can enjoy one of these three items I am sure. I know I wouldn't mind trying all three. These desserts would have normally cost you $3 each.

The Buddha Binger Bites might confuse you with their name, but they are delicious. They are bits of pizza dough, deep fried and then put in cinnamon sugar. They are served with a delicious caramel dipping sauce and I would pick these over Timbits anyday. Get a dessert and a chiller and you have yourself a $12 girls' night out. The Mario's Chillers sound delicious too. Choose from flavours like Jolly Rancher, Root Beer Float, Sparkling Shirley Temple, Cookie Cream Dream, S'mores Shake and more. These drinks sound like a dessert on their own.

There is no exclusions to the kids meals included in this offer. Choose any kids meal you want for your little one, and pay just $2. There is a limit to 8 kids meals though. So hopefully you don't have more than 8 children, haha. Kids, you can choose from delectable items like Chicken Fingers, Cheese Cappelletti, Kids Top Sirloin, Chicken Parmigiana and more. Where else could you get your kid a meal like that for just $2?

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