Dyson DC34 Animal Vacuum $200 @ Walmart.ca

Dyson DC34 Animal Vacuum $200 @ Walmart.ca

The only material thing I've asked for this year, is a Dyson under the tree on Christmas morning. Everything else is, I just want the family together for the Holiday sipping hot cocoa - but this. This Dyson DC34 Animal Vacuum is what is going to keep my house clean after having the entire family here! Plus - it is on sale at Walmart.ca for $199.97 which is well over $50 less than what other Canadian retailers are selling it for.

The Dyson DC34 Animal is the most powerful handheld vacuum on the market - and it has a longer run time too, so you don't have to keep charging the thing to get the job done. This vacuum is designed for getting pet hair off your couches, out of your car, or vacuuming crumbs and what not from your cupboard.

It has great reviews about the power and portability. Everything a mom could ask for. I bet it picks up everything that you have been trying convince your current vacuum to pickup. What do you think?

You will get free shipping on this item, since it is over $50.


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  • Isatre

    dyson has its outlet on ebay and they currently have a pretty sweet item the dyson DC35 at 249.99$ and it is new with a 2 year warranty.