Duck Faucet Extender $2 @ Shein Canada

An aid for little people!
Duck Faucet Extender $2 @ Shein Canada

Getting the kids to wash their hands can be hard work. Here's something that'll give you and them a helping hand in a humorous way. The Duck Faucet Extender is just $2 at Shein Canada and is very helpful for little people that struggle to get their hands under the faucet.

Duck Faucet Extender

The Duck Faucet Extender can be fitted onto most faucets around the home. It's designed to be a fun aid for young children that aren't big enough to reach the water flow.

They work by extending the length of the water reach. This means your little one can safely wash their hands without using a step etc.

It's also a great way to encourage those soap dodgers as they won't be able to resist washing their hands as the water pours from the duck's beak.

Shipping is $6.95, or free on orders of $49+.


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