Dual Purpose iPhone Case/Retractable Selfie Stick $26 @ Amazon.ca Marketplace

Dual Purpose iPhone Case/Retractable Selfie Stick $26 @ Amazon.ca Marketplace

Selfie sticks can seem like an odd thing for a person to be carrying around but they can sure be convenient. Our friend traveled across Canada on his bike last year and I can't even imagine how much better the shots could have been for taking in all of the scenery around him if he had had this type of selfie stick with him on his phone case.

I was intrigued when I saw the unique design. A lot of thought and creativity would have been put into the creation of this product. This Handheld Automatic Retractable Selfie Stick Phone Cover with Remote Key phone case doubles as a phone case and selfie stick and is designed for the Apple iPhone 6/6s plus. It sells for $25.99 and has free shipping, too.

It's sold by Amazon.ca Seller SZsagotech and the order is fulfilled by Amazon.ca so you'll receive this quickly, right from the Amazon.ca warehouse.

This type of device is also good to have on hand if you're at a family gathering. Sometimes you're trying to take a big group shot and want to have everyone in the picture. [I know, I know, maybe you don't actually want to have everyone in the picture but it's 'the right thing to do.' ;)] It's nice that the Bluetooth button remote is included so you can snap the pics. with that instead of having to set a timer on the camera to take the pictures.

This phone stick case is fully retractable and goes from flat to long selfie stick in only a few seconds.

It's a clever idea, really. It's better than an extendable type of stick because you still have to carry those sticks around with you. No matter how tiny they get pushed down to, they're still a nuisance to carry out with you - Plus, they don't look as cool as this.

You're going to have your phone on you anyway, so you may as well keep it in a case like this if you're one to take a lot of selfies.

Shipping is free on this order!


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