Dual Layer (Day/Evening Wear) Makeup bag $6.59 Includes Shipping @ Amazon.ca

Dual Layer (Day/Evening Wear) Makeup bag $6.59 Includes Shipping @ Amazon.ca

Cosmetics storage in a dual bag that's designed for daily wear and evening wear is one of the best ways to organize cosmetics.... Check out this Pink Double Layer Coffee Polka Dot Cosmetic Bag that's selling for only $6.59 with free shipping, at Amazon.ca marketplace through seller niceEshop!

You can select from a light pink and coffe colour, black and hot pink, or black at white, at the same price point, or: hot pink & white and coffee and white are $7.99 and $8.59, respectively.

I've purchased from niceEshop several times in the past and am always happy with the products.

It will take several weeks for this item to arrive as this it ships from overseas, but just imagine what it would be like to become 100% organized with your cosmetics - at such a minimal cost it's well worth it.

The 'coffee' tone part of the pattern is so enticing, it reminds me of the 50's, as do the polka dots. (Is there such a thing as being born in the wrong era? What do you think?)

Most women have a set standard of a daily wear makeup routine that they apply and sometimes it has to be applied quickly. (Sleep-in ponytail days for the win!) Thus, the small portion of the dual bag could be used for daily wear cosmetics.

When we apply evening makeup, the larger compartment in the bag will easily house additional eyeshadow, mascara, face powder, lip liner, lipstick, as well as additional steps - under eye cream, contour face powder, eyeshadow base, lipstick base, and more. (Like the eyelash curler.)

Shipping is free!


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