Dress911 Canada: 15% Off Gift Cards

Dress911 Canada: 15% Off Gift Cards


Dress911 is offering 15% off the purchase of gift cards. Gift cards are a really goodgift idea when you don't know someone's size or preferences. You give the gift, and they merely pick the item out to suit their tastes.

Gift cards come in four denominations. You can get:

  • $10 for $8.50
  • $25 for $21.25
  • $50 for $42.50
  • $100 for $85

I love the dresses from this store, and if you know anyone with retro taste, they probably would too. You can also buy jewellery, skirts, shirts, and more! I like discounts on gift cards because you save money up front and then you can pair the gift card with a good sale and save even more.

(Expiry: 11th November 2013)


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