DreamWorks Trolls Movie Debuts Next Fri. Toys from $1.99

DreamWorks Trolls Movie Debuts Next Fri. Toys from $1.99

One week from now, on Nov. 4, is the release date of Trolls movie by DreamWorks. With all of the previews you and your kids have seen, you'll want to go see it!

If you liked Shrek and Puss In Boots and if you remember as far back as El Dorado (probably one of the greatest animated films of all time!) then you'll love Trolls.

DreamWorks knows how to hit a home run, and it's no different with the toys that come out for these movies.

Here are a few deals you'll love. Most are on sale, some are regular price but all are a super value:

You'll find a lot of Trolls merchandise and it's far better to order it now while in stock - before the movie comes out as merchandise may be sparse once it hits release day in the Theatres.

You'll get free shipping on selected items when you spend over $45, otherwise shipping will vary.


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