Dorm Room items $1 and up & Free Shipping @ Linen Chest

Dorm Room items $1 and up & Free Shipping @ Linen Chest

This right here is one of the most perfect offers that a college or university student could want. The Linen Chest is offering free shipping on all orders with no minimum purchase required.

Free Shipping applies only to select carriers. Offer ends on August 30, 2016 at 11:59pm EST. Conditions apply. Does not apply to oversized products and certain rural areas & territories.

With free shipping, they can buy one or two towels, or one sheet or a couple of dishes or cutlery and not have to worry about shipping costs!

Chances are if you have a child who moved away to attend school, they have already started to settle in to their new digs. This is the very time you need to let them know about this sale, or, do some surprise shopping/free shipping of your own to get the goods out to them.

I always start with the sales links for the best finds.

I also like to sort the list of sale items priced from lowest to highest. You can view the refined list here.

Right out of the gate I found these gorgeous Lurex stripe towels that range from $2.49 - $7.95 and are reg. priced at $7.95 - $24.95! The bath towel is $7.95 right now, that's the one I would be grabbing a couple of. Oh - and the face towel too since it's only $2.49.

This is an interesting (for lack of a better adjective?!) Fishes Kitchen Textile Collection of an apron, oven mitt and pot holder. The oven mitt is the one I think students would need and it's on sale for $3.95 down from $8.95.

Dishclothswill be needed, especially if you think laundry may not get done as often as it was when they were living at home. This set of 8 is only $3.49 down from $6.49. They're 100% cotton which is fabulous for use in the kitchen. It absorbs spills so well too. From beer pong.

Your child attending college or university is a young adult (probably) over the age of 18 now and may be going to some dinner parties. I say probably because I graduated from high school when I was 17 years old. They might want a tote like this to bring over a bottle of wine for the host. The reg. price is $14.95 and it's on sale for $4.49. You can buy this in a red, black or sky blue colour.

The more I browse through this website, the more stuff I'm adding into my cart. I love free shipping because if I forget something I can come back and buy more. Usually I try to get everything in one shop to save shipping costs for the retailer but for a retailer that has a vast selection such as this - I have a feeling I'll be back to browse before this promotion ends.

As you know, shipping is free!


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