No More Overage Weight Fees On Luggage! $13.50 Luggage Scale @

No More Overage Weight Fees On Luggage! $13.50 Luggage Scale @

Do you have travel plans this summer that include flying on an airplane? We took a family vacation to Los Angeles a couple of years ago and had packed some Mickey & Minnie souvenirs inside the luggage that we planned on checking in at the airport the next day for our return flight. Because we had a luggage scale with us, we quickly realized that we were over the weight limit for checked in baggage! We transferred the overage weight of some items into our allowed carry-on bags and avoided the dreaded expensive overcharge fee.

Did you know that luggage overage weight fees can start at around $75 and up? Some airline policies state that a checked bag can be up to 45 KG max. but you still need to check the policies and procedures of an airline before you fly, as policies can change and each airline has different policies in place.

I don't know about you, but I'm thinking a minimal $13.50 charge on a scale that can help prevent luggage overage charges is a great investment. Rancome fact: if you're into fishing, you can also use it to weigh fish!

The luggage scale that we currently have uses an obscure battery size and we had some issues with it when the batteries ran low. I'm going to grab one of these because it requires (easy-to-find) AAA batteries!

Standard shipping on this luggage scale starts at a reasonable $3.50, but shipping is free if your order totals over $25 of eligible products. If you want to receive free shipping, you will want to top up your order.

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