Prevent Charging Cables From Slipping To The Ground! $11 @

Prevent Charging Cables From Slipping To The Ground! $11 @

Don't you hate picking up cords that keep slipping off of desks, counters and tables?

As I type this, I have several (that's putting it mildly) cords laying on the desk, and some have spilled over to the floor.

You probably have multiple cables laying around that are used to charge a phone, a tablet and then there are the cords for a landline phone, usb extender, external hard drives, headphones and more.

I've seen the hack you can do where you take a binder clip, pin it to your desk and use it as a cord keeper. It will work but the clips will start to slip and fall off and you definitely can't use them on a wall in the bedroom so you don't have to keep leaning down to pick up a cord that has fallen. I also don't think it looks as nice as these clips.

I like the bright colours in the Beluga Cable Clips & Cord Management System. You can use a certain colour for a tablet, another for a phone. Actually, each one will hold two cables so it's pretty convenient.

These cord managers stick onto surfaces without leaving a residue behind. There are 8 in the pack and they are $10.99. The Amazon Seller is BELUGA Designs but the order is fulfilled by so you will receive it in the usual speedy time frame. (Meaning, it doesn't have to ship overseas!)

Shipping is free at on Amazon if you spend over $25, otherwise shipping will start at around $5.00, depending on your location.


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