$5 off first Subscribe & Save order @ Amazon.ca

$5 off first Subscribe & Save order @ Amazon.ca

If you haven't tried Amazon's Subscribe & Save subscription service with regularly timed intervals of household essentials, health & beauty products and even groceries, all with free shipping, you'll get to save $5 off of your first Subscribe & Save order when you use promo code SAVE5 during checkout. Some restrictions apply, you must have a minimum order of $10. Diapers are excluded.

Save up to an additional 15% off buy placing 5 or more items into your auto subscription. Prices start as low as $1.39 on some items! You can find more info. about this unique Subscribe & Save right here.

Here are some ideas of what to subscribe to: Feminine protection, garbage bags, cleaning supplies, paper towel, toilet paper, groceries for the pantry such as spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, spices, dry soup mixes, pop-tarts, rice krispie squares, vitamins, body wash, antiperspirant, health products that you may dislike buying in stores such as personal lubricant and condoms.

Here's how it works:

You can choose to have your items sent every 30 days to up to 6 mos. intervals, and you can even select different time intervals for individual products. It can be switched up at almost anytime, unless they are already preparing it for shipment. Your delivery date will be displayed and you can add to your order until it ships out. You can also edit the delivery date to be shipped to start in only a few days (plus delivery time.)

Items in any subscribe and save order always ship for free, whether or not you're an Amazon Prime member! Many items that you regularly use will be available to order as a Subscribe & Save service (which automatically costs less than buying it via the regular ordering method.)

Unless you choose to cancel your subscription it will get shipped and sent at the dates indicated, wih subsequent order items being charged at the price it's listed the day it ships. Canceling this service is easy at any time with the click of the mouse and you can even cancel solely specific items if you want.

This offer is available for a limited time. There's a limit of one offer per Amazon.ca account.


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