$5 Off $25 For Last Minute Father's Day Gifts @ Hallmark Canada

$5 Off $25 For Last Minute Father's Day Gifts @ Hallmark Canada

Today is the last day for you to get out and get a Father's Day card and a gift! Hallmark has just the solution for us procrastinators. Get $5 off $25 at Hallmark with the coupon provided in the link below.

This coupon is pretty fab actually - I meant to head out today to get a Father's Day card from my son to his dad. With this coupon, I can get him a sentimental card as well as maybe a mug that says "World's Best Dad" or something along those lines. Something he can use everyday, but means a lot.

Hallmark has a lot of cards that will tug on your heart strings. They also have humorous cards and ones that are designed to be from young children to their dads. They have oodles of gifts available too - mugs, pens, key chains, and more. It is definitely worth a look and the five dollar discount makes it even more worth the while!

You are limited to one coupon per purchase, and this coupon is unfortunately not valid for use in Quebec. It also can't be used towards other promotions like the gift bags for $1 each, 3 cards for $10, etc.

(Expiry: 23rd June 2016)


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